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AEI Systems are pleased to announce the contract award for the manufacture of 84 mm recoilless rifle barrels and venturis.

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Barrel Manufacture

The barrel and venturis will be manufactured at AEI’s production facility at Ascot, Berkshire, UK (see barrel manufacture)


About the AE84-RCL

The AE84-RCL is a man-portable, reloadable multi-role Recoilless Rifle designed to fire Mecar’s M540/M550 series range of 84 mm ammunition. Other 84 mm ammunition types are compatible with the AE84-RCL.

The rifle consists of a thin walled rifle barrel with a hinged breech locking Venturi recoil damper to the rear. Forward hand and trigger grips provide firing position comfort and a rear stock supports the weapon to the operators shoulder. The AE84-RCL is fitted with optical and reversionary sights as standard. Optional laser ranger finder and image intensification/night vision equipment can be readily fitted.


The AE84-RCL can be fired from any position. Bipod legs attach to the forward hand grip for added stability. Ammunition is loaded from the rear by opening/closing the hinged breech locking Venturi. The weapon is normally operated by a 2-man crew or individually if necessary.

To learn more about this product, please contact AEI Systems Ltd via the contact page or download the data sheet from this link.

Author: Graeme Clarke